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Real estate brokers and agents are usually independent sales professionals who contract their services to real estate brokers in exchanges for a commission-sharing agreement (normally six percent). There are over 400,000 real estate brokers and agents in the United States who can buy or sell your home fast. To become a broker you must be at least 18 years old, a high school graduate and have passed a written test on property laws and real estate transactions.

  • The Skills You Learn in Real Estate will be Applicable in Almost Any Other Job

Starting your real estate career right after college will allow you to log work experience and develop skills that are also applicable in most other careers. You’ll learn to problem solve as you help clients find a home that meets all of their needs within a budget. You’ll develop interpersonal skills as you market yourself, network, and negotiate deals. You’ll get first-hand experience in managing a budget, navigating a contract process, and developing your expertise. If someday you decide to pursue a career in a different field, the proficiencies you learn in your real estate career will look great on your resume.

  • You Can Begin Working Immediately After Graduation

New college graduates often struggle trying to find employment in their chosen field. Most employers want someone with experience, which puts the applicant in a difficult position. You don’t have experience, and it’s hard to get an opportunity to earn the experience. But as a real estate agent, you don’t need to wait for someone to give you an opportunity. You can hang your license with a broker and begin working immediately after you graduate (or before you graduate).

  • You Probably Have the Free Time to Dedicate to Your Career

When working professionals decide to change careers and become real estate agents, they often struggle with the fact that it isn’t a typical 9-to-5 job. They have family and personal commitments that make it difficult for them to be available on the weekends or evenings when clients need them. If you don’t yet have the responsibilities that come with raising a family, you’re uniquely positioned to provide exceptional client service at a time when other agents might not be able to buy or sell may home fast. See how.

  • The Education and Start Up Costs are Relatively Low

In order to earn your real estate license, you will need to meet your state’s prelicensing education requirements and take the state’s licensing exams. There is a cost associated with the education and the exam, but it’s relatively affordable and can be completed in as little as a month. The low barriers to entry make a real estate career particularly attractive to recent college graduates.

There are some challenges unique to young real estate agents. Your sphere of influence is likely not full of people who are currently looking to buy or sell a home. So you will need to refine your networking skills and learn to set yourself apart from the other agents in your market. See more here:

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